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Eye and Vision Exams

Eye Exams with Dr. Glenn Baggs, Our Muskogee Optometrist

What if a single eye and vision exam appointment each year could help you maintain your eyesight -- and that of your loved ones -- for life? That sounds like quite a bargain when you think about how precious your eyesight is to you. The fact is the annual comprehensive eye and vision exams can make all the difference in your ocular well-being, from preventative wellness to fittings for corrective lenses. You can get those exams from our Muskogee optometrist, Dr. Glenn Baggs.

woman receiving an eye exam from her optometrist

Who Needs Eye Exams? Everybody!

The kind of eye exams we're talking about are not those brief vision screenings offered by the DMV or a school nurse. Those tests can tell whether you're suffering from poor vision, but they can't really evaluate the state of your eyes. Comprehensive eye and vision exams are a must for everyone, not just drivers or people who are experiencing obvious vision problems. We need to look at the interior and exterior of the eyes in detail, check every aspect of your performance, and rate your exact visual acuity to detect any hidden diseases or disorders that might threaten your eyesight. Some of the most damaging problems, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, can destroy critical eye structures before you even notice that your vision is leaving you.

What to Expect From Our Eye Doctor's Exams

The kind of frequency of exams you can expect from our eye doctor depends on the age of the patient. Your kids need three major pediatric exams before they enter school, these exams ensure that eye health and visual development are proceeding normally, while also determining whether your little scholar needs glasses. For older kids adults, annual exams are preferred over bi-annual exams. Seniors always need annual exams so we can watch out for eye diseases that tend to plague this age group, from cataracts and glaucoma to macular degeneration.

Contact lens exams are another type of eye exam offered by our Muskogee optometrist. These exams are only necessary for individuals who wish to be fitted for contact lenses instead of glasses. Once our visual acuity testing has found your corrective lens prescription, we will weigh your particular vision challenges against other health factors and lifestyle considerations so you can receive the right kind of contact lenses for your needs. We will also measure your pupils and other eye components to make certain your new contact lenses fit comfortably.

Let Us Help Keep Your Family's Eyes and Vision Healthy, Contact our Muskogee Optometry Office

Our optometry clinic wants to help you keep your family's eyes and vision as healthy as possible. Call (918) 687-9898 to schedule an eye exam with our Muskogee optometrist, Dr. Glenn Baggs.



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