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Eyecare Services

Services From Our Muskogee Optometrist, Dr. Glenn Baggs

The optometry office of Dr. Glen Baggs is the only primary eye care center you and your family will ever need. That's because our Muskogee optometrist offers comprehensive vision services, products, procedures, and techniques. From annual exams to eye emergencies, you can count on us to make accurate diagnoses and help you enjoy optimal eyesight for life. Come to us for:

woman receiving an eye exam from her optometrist

Eye & Vision Exams

The first step in protecting yourself against the ravages of eye diseases and disorders is scheduling regular eye and vision exams at our clinic. We can detect even the earliest signs of trouble and prescribe the right solutions to help you avoid progressive vision loss. We can also test your eyesight and calculate any necessary corrective lens prescription.

Contact Lens Exams

Contact lens exams enable us to fit your eyes with the right size and kind of contact lenses. We can take your prescription, overall health, lifestyle, and any underlying eye issues into consideration when recommending specific lens materials and configurations.


Glasses are a reliable, affordable mans of vision correction -- and you'll the selection we provide at our optical center. We'll you choose the perfect shape, size, and color of designer frames for your face and style.


Sunglasses are a must for protecting your eyes against dangerous UV rays when outdoors. Unlike some sunglasses, our stylish Ray-Ban sunglasses offer complete UV protection.

Contact Lenses

Once you've hd your contact lens exam, you're ready to choose from our many contact lenses. We stock an extraordinary range of products, from disposables and colored contacts to bifocal lenses and specialized lenses for those "hard-to-fit" eyes and eye conditions.

LASIK Evaluation and Supportive Care

LASIK vision correction surgery requires careful evaluation and preparation. Our eye doctor can determine whether this procedure is right for you, refer you to a skilled surgeon, and then provide follow up supportive care.

Eye Surgery Co-Management

LASIK isn't the only form of eye surgery we can co-manage with your surgical specialist. We can also provide pre-operative and post-operative care for cataract surgery, corneal transplant surgery, glaucoma surgeries such as trabeculoplasty, and a variety of other procedures.

Eye Emergencies

Severe infections, foreign bodies, corrosive chemicals, and acute conditions such as angle-closure glaucoma should be treated as emergencies. Bring your urgent situation to our eye doctor for immediate, effective treatment.

Come See Our Muskogee Eye Doctor

With all these eye and vision services at your disposal, don't put off the care you or your loved ones need. Call Dr. Glenn Baggs, our experienced optometrist in Muskogee, at (918) 687-9898 to schedule an appointment. Our eye doctor looks forward to seeing you!




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